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Email marketing is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to build your own opt-in email list. Be sure to read my FREE Email Marketing Course to learn how to use Email Marketing to build an opt-in list and for other email marketing tips. Go to:  Email Marketing Course

A squeeze page or lead capture page is used on a website to capture the visitors contact information, especially the email address, for the purpose of follow-up marketing. A lead capture page or squeeze page is an essential tool for building an opt-in email list. Internet marketers have discovered that convincing people to join or opt-in to an email list gives the marketer the opportunity to send those people multiple sales messages over time, develop relationships, and even cross-sell other related products and services. A Lead Capture page or Squeeze page is an essential tool for building a list of buyers. Building a list of BUYERS and sending offers to those Buyers is the best thing that a Marketer can do to Make Money Online! To learn more about squeeze pages including  - how to build your own squeeze pages go to:  Squeeze Pages

Autoresponders are often used as email marketing tools to immediately provide information to prospective buyers or customers. Autoresponders may be used to send a series of follow-up emails at preset time intervals to sell prospects a particular product or service and also to cross-sell other related products and services. Autoresponders are also incorporated into email list software, to confirm subscriptions, process unsubscribe requests and other list activities.  

The first time a person views your website or ad for your product or service they may not be ready to make a purchase. They are likely to forget about you and your website. An autoresponder is the needed solution to this problem. An autoresponder keeps your name and product or service in your prospective customers or existing customers minds.

Once the prospect has made a purchase they become a BUYER or Customer. A satisfied customer is likely to buy from you again. Repeat Buyers or Customers will help you to build a lucrative business! An autoresponder will increase your sales and customer retention. 

The most successful Internet Marketers admit that they make MOST of their income through Email Marketing using autoresponders. If you are marketing online and do not use an autoresponder- you are losing income... GUARANTEED! For more information on autoresponders go here:  

Do You Need a Squeeze Page and Autoresponder?

If you are in a hurry and don't have time to learn how to build your own squeeze page then I have a great deal for you. I will create a squeeze page for you, host it for you and provide an autoresponder service for only $25. Click the link below to see an example of a squeeze page. Also, be sure to complete the webform and submit it in order to see how the autoresponder works. You will receive a confirmation email and when you click the confirmation link, you will be redirected to a website. Then you will receive a welcome email with more information about the autoresponder service.

There are NO Monthly Fees with my Autoresponder Service!

Ordering Instructions

1) Click the PayPal button below and pay for your order.

2) Email the ad copy you want me to put on your squeeze page and the link to the website you want people to go to after they complete the webform and confirm their subscription. If you want me to create the ad copy for your squeeze page then I can probably get the information I need from your website.

Order by PayPal

Squeeze Page | Autoresponder: $25 
   You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use it! PayPal accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS!

Targeted Lists

If you are going to send emails to promote products or services then you will have better results if you use targeted email lists. I sell email lists that are targeted for Income Opportunity offers and other offers in the Internet Marketing niche so be sure to check out the lists I am selling here:  Buy Marketing Lists

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